General Armor Technology

To talk about general armor technologies, one needs a great deal of knowledge and experience. In this article, I will briefly talk about my own experience and different armor techniques. Armor consists of different materials whose quality is controlled by certain standards. It is vital to learn these standards well and to be able to apply these standards appropriately in terms of the product to be produced.

At the beginning, I will talk about limiting the danger to life caused by the impact of kinetic energy products. There are different methods to stop kinetic energy munitions. Since gunpowder weapons, metals have been the most common means to prevent this hazard. Today, the most commonly manufactured products in the field of armor are armor steels RHA, high hardness aluminum; 5083-H, 7075-T6, 2500, and 2300 series. The most important factor for choosing these metals is their high hardness. Also, apart from individual armoring, the price factor is very important. As I said, it is very important for FB-5 class defense products that the metals undergo appropriate heat treatment and exceed at least 40 HRC hardness. Increasing these hardness levels may also reduce the relative toughness values, and the shrapnel effect in case of brittle fracture should be taken into consideration. At this stage, I have carried out several studies on the ballistic examination of A-360 Aluminum, I have tried FB-2 and FB-3 class ammunition on plates. The most important result I have obtained from this experience is that hardness is the most important parameter. Because the fracture of the core of the bullet at the moment of impact is extremely important. For this to occur, the plate must be harder than the bullet. If we look at this issue in terms of metals, metals with BCC structures are harder and more suitable than FCC metals. I started a different project to test this, and using titanium was the key for me in this project. I can define the reason for this as the transformation of titanium from the alpha phase to the beta phase. Beta phase-rich products produce more suitable products in terms of hardness and strength. I have tried this situation in simulation programs, I will leave the effects below. However, I have great concerns about this situation. Because ceramics are very important materials for breaking the lead core and hardness values, and I feel the need to use them. I will start a separate study for this. In this case, I will edit my work under the general armor title. I will also provide information about polymer materials

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